Never thought I’d work out on a Saturday…

Woke up with no energy, but I had set my mind to ‘work out mode’ before I went to bed last night and thus my day started with a 13 km (almost) run, at about  6:46 min/km.


It might not be super fast, but I am very happy with it as I have not worked out for…well at least 3 months. It was great! My legs did not feel like my own at the end. I was super angry half of the time. I kept getting cobwebs stuck to my face(I was running in the forest) and my shoes were soaked in mud and water after three km or something. It was worth it though because now I feel very relaxed. We’ll see if I’ll be able to keep this up…most likely my next run will be a decade from now :/ At least I have a good conscience today. Don’t worry, this will not turn into a health blog. 

 Just had a lovely breakfast smoothie:

om nom nom!

aaaand now I shall have a shower and do a Geology paper…oh well. Reward for doing homework: Drawing; and reading Lord of the Rings after C: yay!

List of my work out-music: (this changes all the time)

  1. Pokémon theme song
  2. When you’re an Addams (musical)
  3. Donna (Hair)
  4. The time warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  5. White Boys (Hair)
  6. Cups (Pitch Perfect)
  7. I love it (Icona pop)
  8. I like it like that (Hot chelle rae)
  9. Thrift Shop (Macklemore)
  10. Kiss You (One Direction)
  11. Heart Attack (One Direction)
  12. I just laugh (Never shout never)
  13. Beautiful, dirty, rich (Lady Gaga)

(repeat) C:


2 thoughts on “Never thought I’d work out on a Saturday…

  1. I guess running might be kinda fun if you… I don’t really believe running can be associated with the word fun 8I
    At least I truly approve your work-out music! So many delicious musical songs ❤

    • Hehe, I’ve never had a problem with running… I just have a hard time remembering that I don’t mind it when the sofa is so deliciously comfortable 😉 and, yes, musicals are great work-out songs 😀 so motivating!

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