~*Double slider pocket*~

Hai! I have been busy studying for my test on rocks and minerals and have therefore neglected the blog for a while… Tomorrow is TEST_DAY!!! Dun, dun DUUUN! However I’ve found some time to make a double slider pocket which at the moment is my favourite type of birthday card to give away. It is super easy to make and looks rather advanced C: I have not made a video of how to do this, but there are several good tutorials on Youtube 😀

 slider pocket

I’d also like to say that last week I was on a Geology excursion where we looked at different types of rocks and minerals in our nearby area and we found Graptolite fossils! Which I think is pretty cool. And here’s a picture of one of mine :B Untitled

And this just turned into a long entry with several pictures :B In other ‘news’ My friends and I had a Taco-evening last week and for dessert my friend, Malin, had made OWL CUPCAKES!!! They were SO cute and so DELICIOUS. Om, nom nom! cuppycake owls

And to end this blog entry I’ll ad a drawing I made on Saturday. It is ‘Hel’ the Death God of Norse Mythology. I’ve become more and more fascinated with the old Norse belief and it is actually rather interesting.

Today’s entry might have been a little bit random…




2 thoughts on “~*Double slider pocket*~

  1. Fossils are the coolest thing ever :’D You lucky thing, promise to cherish your new graptolite every day! I really want to buy one of those fossil-shark-teeth-necklaces. And I want a dinosaur. But who doesn’t.
    Those owl cupcakes look amazing xD
    And so does your Hel drawing. Norse mythology for the win!

  2. Haha, I will cherish my Graptolite forever XD And I’m sure you’ll find a Dinosaur if you start digging ;P And thank you ^-^ I really like Norse mythology. It’s been so long since I learned about it in school so I’ve forgotten most of it, but I think I’ll buy a book about it 😀

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