17 thoughts on “BlueApple

    • Interesting, I’ve never thought about the structure resembling paper. You’re suggesting the stem should be a pen/pencil sticking out of the top then? πŸ™‚

      • Yeah…I must admit this was a piece with embarrassingly little thought behind it, I was just doodling, but your input is much appreciated.

      • Most people posting art here seem to be putting little thought into their work. I see more “I just pooped this out yesterday, trying to keep up with everyone else posting something daily. Tell me you like it.” …than anything else. A handful have very intricate blogs outfitted with links to sale spots and the like.

        So, my input just sits in the suggestion box, hmm? Bummer. πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll just have to whip up a paper and pen apple.

      • Yeah, many people do that, but it’s part of the hectic world we live in I guess. I try to put thought into most of my art, but I usually draw even if I do not have an idea, just to keep practising, and sometimes I like the result, like this apple. πŸ™‚ I have very few followers and nobody comments, so your input will be noticed. Haha, you do that, not too much like mine, I hope! I do like the idea though πŸ™‚

      • Do we just shrug everything off as “it happens,” or can we do our part to steer the world in a better direction? Is our thinking selfish or selfless?

        I cannot draw just to draw, often. That’s what I guess I’d call doodling. And, I may do that when stuck somewhere with a pen/pencil and paper handy. But, I’d rather save that energy and direct it toward a more impressive piece when I have the time. I can’t just pull out paper and pen whenever I have a moment and draw something without a thought. I try, and it feels pointless. I prefer to get a witty thought and then find something to craft it into being.

        I used to keep practice works, but family would often throw those out as they accumulated. So, I gradually lost interest. More often, now, I wait til I have the right conditions to craft something I will preserve/promote. [And, while I cannot do daily art posts like many do here and call it practice, I do realize more practice would help me. I just don’t feel like the “air is right to breathe” for that kind of practice right now. To try and even have one person disrespect my work or work space would stick another nail in my creative coffin.]

      • I absolutely relate to what you are saying, I also call what I do doodling when there’s no idea behind it, and I also really prefer drawing when inspired, the work turns out 10 times better when you are inspired. I like to have peace and quiet and the perfect lighting before I start, but if I do not have time to start something big I have to sketch and doodle, my hands and mind begin to itch if I cannot express myself on paper some way. I’ll turn to writing little pieces of text and poetry if I don’t have anything to draw though, and then I can illustrate the text. More practice is always good whether you feel like it or not ;).

      • Yet, the inspired pieces are the very thing that often discourage me from trying more, too. If I am inspired but cannot get my thoughts on paper as perfectly as I’d like, I am discouraged. I feel I wasted my time. Sure, I may learn from my mistakes. But, when I focus my energy the way I do, I like to think I will score a bull’s eye and not a miss. [I’m drifting into astrology, again. :)]

        I have worked with some of the worst conditions, including lightning. I imagine myself in some trench during a war. Bombs and guns are going off. But, a thought enters my mind. And, even if it’s my dying effort, I will leave behind the last message my mind felt was worth someone’s attention. I often work in what I call a dungeon because conditions are not prime. I cannot wait for prime space and still satisfy my creative soul. So, sometimes, I must create in crapville. And sometimes, I think that work I will just leave behind like Picasso as I seek out a more ideal studio space.

        I am so done with poetry. I am sick of my poetry. I may babble in rhyme, but I am so tired of how corny it often sounds.

        I spend more of my drawing time, now, on writing/completing books. Particularly pick-a-path books.

      • The frustration of a disappointing result is what drives me to keep going. I want to better myself and I always reach for the next step up on the skill-ladder. I often need some time to recover from the disappointment, but I always get drawing again, with more focus, and it usually turns out better than the last, which is very encouraging. I think it is cool that you give yourself a setting when you are drawing. I also do that, but I usually imagine myself floating through space or walking across the English moors or walking barefoot along forest paths with the sun falling through the canopy, this meditative state of mind allows me to see more clearly the image I wish to create. My poetry is for my eyes only, i never share it. But I do rhyming poetry and “Modern” poetry in equal measure. Again with symbolism and darkness. But more physical darkness, such as the deep oceans and the monsters that dwell there, than symbolic darkness. It’s impressive that you can write books though. I am never able to think of a full plot-line for more than a few frames for a comic. But I can write first chapters quite well, hehe. throwing out loads of leads that I never need to tie up because I leave it at the first chapter. .

      • If I fail at drawing something once, I am more inclined to try something new than try to not make the same mistake on the same piece twice. Sometimes, I see failure or the obstruction of achieving something as a universal tap on the shoulder to try something else. It beats bashing my head against the same walls every day.

        Floating anywhere just opens the mind to distraction. That breeds daydreaming and laying about with the ones we love. Which isn’t all bad. πŸ™‚ But, it’s lazy/not productive.

        I cannot walk anywhere barefoot…except maybe a pristine beach. And, the finding of such is rare these days. Stupid human pollution.

        What good is a creation you keep to yourself? That just feels like keeping a zit. It demands to be popped, but you’d rather cope with the pain of infection? Isn’t keeping poetry to yourself sort of like that parable about hiding talents underground or under a basket? People pressure and encourage me to advertise myself more. But…well, that’s a long story/discussion for another place and time!

        And breathe!

        Okay, good. Natural darkness. Not the spooky sort that riles me.

        I feel kinda silly for being so upset with certain “dark figures,” but I am not going to just change my ways, either, to be more “acceptable.” Lantern fish are scary, but they simply dwell in the darkest parts of the ocean. Sharks are made scary in movies by Spielbergs, but they are not all bad.

        Oh, believe me, if not for this pick-a-path format, I’d still be spinning my tires, trying to complete a novel. As it is, I have about two dozen novels I have attempted to write and stopped short. I am torn between writing short stories and the emptiness left between my starting points and my climaxes. I don’t want to fill 300 pages with filler just to say I filled a savory-size book. I want the whole to be impressive and worth people reading more than once. [I don’t do a lot of reading but suspect many are pumping out books just to get paid and published these days. That curbs me from trying to get published, too.]

        I think you and I may suffer from the same Gemini brain just a bit. Our ambitions peter out with a breath. Lots of great ideas that get no further than a doodle. We are two gear wheels looking for a machine we can put into motion.

        I write the first three chapters, the last chapter, the prologue and epilogue. πŸ˜›

      • I actually hold daydreaming in high regard, I think it is amazing that you can travel to places you’ve never been just by imagining them. I guess poetry should be shared, but it brings me back to the society we live in today, people don’t appreciate poetry any-more. “kids today” think Justin Bieber is a poet, I mean, come ON! I am afraid of the deepest oceans, which is probably why they inspire me. And yes, I think that Gemini trait of being exceptionally good at starting new projects and notoriously bad at finishing them is me in a nutshell. I have some authors I love, and I like to think they’re not “pumping out books” for the money as you suggest. for example I love the King Killer Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, and he is taking his sweet time on the third book. I’ve been waiting for years! I also really like H. P Lovecraft and he doesn’t write any more so, hehe.

      • Daydreaming isn’t necessarily bad, but it IS a means of distracting us which could be seen as a tool of dark forces, like drugs people regularly use to take their minds off serious matters. Many if not too many dismiss or put off concerns by using drugs when that does not resolve the problems. Daydreaming is a drug trip without inhaling or injecting. It may feel good, but it’s not always helpful. And, it doesn’t achieve much in the “real” world (unless it unlocks what sets us in motion toward a good goal).

        Daydreaming is great when you are stuck somewhere, waiting for a door to appear.

        What do you mean? There are just as many poetry sects as there are groups for chess, drawing, sewing, etc. I just don’t care much for poetry. Especially poems that don’t rhyme and seem more like stories. πŸ˜› No form, no substance. Look! I wrote a poem! It sounds like a story. But, it lacks sentence structure….POETRYYY!

        Bieber is a tool (harnessed by Usher) like Jimmy Fallon. Except, Fallon is a nicer person, like a naive dog looking to lick someone.

        I’ve never heard of those Chronicles. Just the Narnia Chronicles.

        But, see, the guy you love is “taking his sweet time.” Even the author of Harry Potter admitted to feeling rushed after the first book took flight.

      • I hear what you’re saying about daydreaming, but I still say that being able to take off and leave this world by the power of thought is a strength, whether it is productive or not, I think it allows for a more level headed disposition and a clearer mind when you have rested in your own place. I know J.K felt rushed, she even entertained the idea of re-writing the books the way she intended them to be. I think you should check out the King Killer Chronicles…but i guess you won’t as you said you don’t read that much…Bieber is a joke, I like nothing about him. Also, something I forgot to answer in the other message; I haven’ read the “Clockwork Orange” book yet, I am going to though, I thought maybe the symbolism would be clearer when I wasn’t distracted by everything else. The costumes in the film were great though… I would also like to add that it was a course I took as part of my gap-year. I tried different creative subjects to see what I would like to pursue, it was not part of my general education, this was after High school. πŸ™‚

      • Well, like the internet, daydreaming is a tool with benefits when used properly. But, abused, like alcohol, it’s no longer a blood thinner or cleansing agent (like rubbing alcohol). It’s an addictive and distracting drug.

        I could say the same for punching someone in the face. Until you try it, you may never know the satisfaction of standing up to your enemies. But, such words could persuade you to take up a life of violence and find pleasure in hitting people. Commercials are deceitful monsters when they convince us to try things we’d otherwise not and that would do us harm.

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