~*Head in the Imaginary Clouds*~

Where my head is…pretty much always ❀ hope you like it!


Mini-monsters, line-art and colours by me.


28 thoughts on “~*Head in the Imaginary Clouds*~

  1. You’ve got a number of scary pieces I find disturbing. But, this one is one of your more stellar works. Nice use of variety and color. Likewise, I like the ones that seem to feature a similar caricature you, including the one seeking adventure from various characters and what looks like you watching a movie next to a brother with popcorn in the middle.

    • I guess some of my pieces are a bit dark, but I find dark things intriguing. I am really glad you like some of my work though! Also, I am happy you like the “chibi”-me, I use it quite often as it takes little time to draw, but illustrates emotions quite easily.

      • Mysterious intrigues me. Horrifying/Scary usually is more than I care to see. I really do not like seeing people without their skin…like those weird sculptures some freak makes with dead bodies for museums. That’s abuse of the dead, not respect. I also worry indulging dark imagery opens the mind to attempting such things should circumstances unfold.

        I am not a big fan of this “chibi” craze…but I like your style of that. That is more fun, happy art (I like to see).

      • I don’t care much for violence and gore, but mysterious bordering on macabre is fascinating to me. I do fear people who are capable of treating humans as experiments, that’s not something I like either. However, I do not think many would attempt such things, should circumstances unfold, not if one is of sound mind. πŸ™‚

      • My borderline for macabre is drawing a succubi-type character. I like drawing women in coffin dresses with the tattered edges and bat wings. I like Morticia Addams. But, I am not a fan of ritual daggers and cups of blood, etc. I have a serious dislike of seeing blood. But, in a movie where blood is being shed in violence, if it is not realistic, it’s ridiculous. [The movie 300 being a good example of stupid violence and poor use of bloodshed.]

      • I love the Addams family, they are perfectly eerie. I do not care for rituals either, live sacrifices are off-putting. 300 is deliberately exaggerated though, because it’s a fable that is being exaggerated by the person telling the story, so it’s an effect, but I understand what you mean. I never watched any of Quentin Tarantino’s films because there’s so much violence and gore. I do not find that entertaining.

      • Not perfectly eerie. The Addams can be a lil unsettling and senseless at times. That turns me off the show. But, I like the eccentric decor of the house and Morticia’s moods (and appearance). But, that’s just one of many old shows I don’t make much time for, anymore. Too many new ones and new ideas of my own to pursue. I can’t be a bookworm because I’d rather create than digest the creations of others.

        Oh? But, live sacrifices are a big part of all that old stuff you say is part of your culture. Blood-letting and putting live or recently killed animals on pyres seems to run through various cultures and religious history.

        It may be deliberately exaggerated, but it was done foolishly. Some of the war-monger guys are smiling as they slash through enemies which are truly scary and a threat. These aren’t as much smiles of confidence or determination as they are smiles of conceit and exaggerated ego. And, when the blood is being shed, it never stains their clothes! That’s the dumbest part of it. You are making all this CG blood, and none of it appears anywhere after you shed it. It’s inane! Either cast no blood and pretend your violence is that clean like older TV shows, or leave the carnage where you lay it. Carry your wounds and scars so people know this is real and not some illusion that might be fun to try…only to see how the reality differs and come home from battle with a case of madness (as many soldiers do after being convinced joining the armed forces is “cool” or “noble” or “brave.”

        I am not a big Tarantino fan, but I think he had part in Iron Monkey, and I love that film. Pulp Fiction had its merits, but the whole turned me off.

      • I like the new Addams Family films, except for the part where they seem to bury a cat alive, I have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. I’ll usually turn off a film or a show if there are animals being harmed in any way, it makes me so angry I could cry. (and sometimes I do). 300 is a bit over the top, for sure, I only watched it once. There was indeed some rituals involved in the old religions, but that’s not the part I like. i prefer the characters themselves and the universe it’s all set in and the relation between mortals and Gods and other creatures. I liked Pulp Fiction, just remembered I have seen that one actually. Never heard of Iron Monkey though…

      • Is it animal cruelty or some old ritual being used by an odd family outside the norm? Isn’t burying a live cat just right for a family who uses torture devices for their treadmill-substitute? It bothers you, yes, because Geminis support life–even if some delve into subjects of death and destruction :/–but it’s part of that history that the family kinda represents. So, that’s where we have to decide…do we like the show/family enough to support/advertise it? Or, do we like parts we take with us and/or adapt to our own projects which can be purified of what we do not respect? I for one do not advertise myself as a loyal fan of the show and all it represents. But, I regard aspects as areas of interest. I’d just rather find some other source to mention by name. But, there has yet to be a better Morticia.

        Animals being harmed is part of this world’s nature, though. You don’t think of it that way when a wild cat tears into a gazelle. But, humans assaulting other animals is not much different. The difference is that man uses such acts to experiment and question nature instead of accepting itself as part of nature and just being another animal. Humans have diverged from their primal nature. At the same time, they are blind to what they do regardless of intent. Adam and Eve were given or took knowledge that made them question every fiber of their existence instead of living in the bliss of ignorance/nature. It is that mistake that has made so many of us think more than necessary and, possibly, abuse other life forms.

        I accept animal cruelty in terms of hunting and survival. But, I have a strong problem with science classes that, say, involve dissection. [Again, one reason I don’t like art that depicts bones and muscles, etc.]

        I watched 300 a few times just to be sure I wasn’t reacting impulsively. I think what drew me in was the Greek myth/history. And, I love that opening shot of the village/city coming into focus. But, from the “THIS IS SPARTA!” shout and kick to some of the insane fighting that goes on before the guy survives to tell the tale, I begin to turn my head. I also have a problem with casually thrown in sex scenes. Too many sources sell these films/shows with the inclusion of sex to appease the masses. Yet, so few bother to address WHY these people are having sex or why it’s important to show in the story. I get it; they’re married. But, is the sex vital to the story you are telling? In 300, no.

        Well, I may be inclined to reject some characters if attached rituals or whatnot goes against my “code.” So, I tend to refer to my “succubi” as something else or alter their nature to something more favorable. Better to invent something new I like than just copy or promote that which I do not fully accept.

        Oh, if you like martial arts films at all, you gotta see Iron Monkey.

        You liked Pulp Fiction after what you just said about Tarantino? I found it excessively violent and crass. But, there was some intelligence in how the story was told. Just not enough to put it on my regular viewing list. I’d dissect it in some English class and move on.

      • I like the Addams family, in fact I have dressed up as Wednesday for Halloween. I do accept the burial scene as part of the eccentricity of the family, but I think the movie would be just as good without that particular scene. I define animal-cruelty as unnecessary pain inflicted on an animal by a human being. One thing is an animal killing another for the sake of survival by feeding off of its prey, it is quite another when humans test cosmetics on animals or throw live baby chicks into machines that cut them to pieces because they cannot be used in the egg industry. I see the necessity of hunting, not the necessity of shooting your neighbour’s dog because you don’t like it. If you follow? The fact that one dislikes an animal is not reason enough to harm it. Also trophy hunters enrage me. The animal looks better running across the savannah or climbing the trees on the Amazon-jungle, than on the wall of some mansion. Sex-scenes do not bother me too much, then again I think of sex as something natural, but not to excess, I, by no means, think one should change partners every week or anything like that. I still agree that many films have unnecessary sex-scenes if you consider the over-all plot. I see no harm in adapting your inspiration to something you can stand for. I do it all the time. I like creating characters that, are complex in the way that their morals might be somewhat questionable, but their reasons for acting/thinking that way makes so much sense that one cannot all together dislike them. Yeah, Pulp Fiction is the only one I dared watch. I had to because it was part of a film-course I attended once. I left during “A clockwork Orange”, though, that was just pointless violence and rape and torture and all things weird to me. I bought the book though, hehe.

      • Yes, I get what you are saying about animal cruelty. And, your examples made me shudder…

        Yea, I’d rather have those artificial trophy heads than real ones. Yet, even the fakes kinda disturb me because they make me think of the real thing. Yet, strangely enough, when I was younger, seeing so many hunting trophies in shows and movies made me kinda want to have one of my own. But, even if I had to hunt a deer for food, I am not sure I’d feel right putting its head on my wall…. I’d have a hard enough time killing and cutting it apart for food. But, that I blame on that human separation from nature. We are so troubled by so many things other species take as part of living because we sanitized ourselves to be hairless buffoons.

        Again, sex with purpose to the story, fine. But, too many shows and movies try to sell themselves solely by the inclusion of sex. I’ll give you an example. A show called Quantico attempts to pitch itself as this engrossing mystery about who among a team of government-certified agents is a mad bomber…but why focus on that when it’s full of pretty faces having steamy affairs? And, of course, in line with current trends, it has to have a gay relationship. But, it’s sort of like looking at two TV screens. One is showing a serious drama. The other is showing what is supposed to be viewed as “hot sex.” Do you go the distance to get the story or do you tune into the “hot sex” and forget the rest? For me, there wasn’t enough attention or interest in the story to keep me watching. Even I found myself focusing on the pretty faces gabbing about whatever. Realizing there wasn’t enough progress with the story without drifting into back stories (which was one reason LOST might have dragged on and failed) turned me off the show. Even if I find Priyanka Chopra drop-dead gorgeous! πŸ™‚ [She just picks stupid projects…other than maybe “What’s Your Raashee(Sign)?”]

        It’s too much for my mind to make some characters so complex to be swaying toward darkness or abusive light. Some concepts overwhelm my creativity and just ground any progress. So, I have to work on condensing or simplifying some aspects of a story to help me finish it. Sometimes, just picking names for characters presents a challenge.

        Part of a film course…pssh! One more example of flawed education. [Though, I did just say I would dissect the film in an English class.]

        I have yet to see that “Orange” film. Too violent/disturbing? I am curious. It is said to be heavy on symbolism.

        Okay, so you avoided the movie but bought the book?? And, the book is less violent?

      • I am glad we agree on the animal-cruelty matter, another topic to scratch from the list of topics. I don’t watch a lot of TV-shows that contain a lot of sex, any more. I watch Doctor Who and Sherlock and so on. There’s not much sex (not any) as I recall, in those. Then again I watched all of Supernatural and that is only monster-killing and sex and cars and modern culture. But I watch that mainly for the mythological creatures., and the twist they put on them. The show is actually also surprisingly good at making yo wonder if the demon-hunters really are the good guys, as they kill even the monsters that are making an effort to adapt to human society and refrain from hurting people.

      • So, once we agree upon something we no longer need to discuss it? πŸ˜› hehe

        I like some Doctor Who… but, I hate to say it, the show tends to spin its finger in the same puddles too long. The same enemies are never quite dealt with. The doctor never dies and usually pretends to be hurt in every way. His companion always becomes infatuated with his weirdness while somehow establishing a relationship with some rocks-for-brains boyfriend. And, life goes on. It’s amazing the writers don’t run out of material. Or, they enjoy repeating very similar stories with just a few new faces thrown in the mix. It’s not fair that I crush hard on the female companions, either. That just makes me feel like I’ve been seduced to watch a Victoria Secret fashion show to ogle the models instead of giving a damn about what they are selling…or claiming to be selling.

        Sherlock is good, at times. But, even as a Sherlock Holmes fan, sometimes the extremely heavy calculations he processes fly overhead/give me a headache. Then I feel dumber than Watson and lose interest. It kinda reminds me of House. A “smart” and innovative medical show where the protagonist woos you with his crass behavior while spouting verbiage about some condition you’ve never heard of nor will ever grasp. How many episodes like that can one person stomach before they say, “Hey, I don’t get anything these people are saying. So, why am I watching? I like feeling stupid?”

        There is sex in Supernatural? If that show is as you described, I am glad I have not given it a minute of my time. πŸ˜› You can imagine how I felt when certain dark subjects were mentioned in commercials. I said, “Nooo thanks.” Now, they put out shows with the names of the dark forces I’d rather not indulge. Add those to the shit I won’t watch pile.

        Yeah yeah. Whatever helps you excuse the rest. πŸ˜› I like my myths just fine. But, I’d rather watch Grimm than Supernatural. And, even Grimm can get stupid. But, it’s rarely if ever too dark or sexual for me. Actually, the sex is used well in the show. Which is rare.

      • It’s the soundness of minds that worries me. The artist may not always be dark…but the viewer may be and become inspired to do dark things. [Take that slender man stuff for example.] So, artists need to take into assessment the impact of their creative impulses. Will I be okay with my work inspiring someone to do something I do not like? Or, can I modify my work so that does not happen?

      • I see your point, I think that way whenever I hear of things from horror movies. My brain automatically thinks “Don’t give people ideas on how to torture and kill people!!!” So I can see where you’re coming from, but I do not think my drawings ever trigger such things. I do not know if you noticed, but my demons are playing guitar, not hurting anyone πŸ™‚ I like mischief, not malice.

      • Right? Yet, so many resort to these methods because they assume that’s the norm, that’s what sells the genre. I have to be violent and push the boundaries to keep people coming. So, one “Saw” after another gets more and more disturbing. And, anything less…well, it’s like people seeking spicier peppers. You can only go so far before there’s nothing left to amaze you. So, don’t chase amazement. Find contentment and those comfort zones so many push us to escape. Yet, be open to new information if it benefits you and the world (I guess).

        Well, if they are just rock music monsters, I guess they’re not all bad…yet, music is a HUGE factor in messing with people’s minds. The ancient sirens were just some myths who used such things as music and sweet voices to seduce fools into doing dark things or becoming dinner.

        And, mischief is just the dwarf cousin of malice. Play with fire, and you risk getting burned. I took chances because people I thought were friends convinced me to try. And, I almost always got hurt. Some of my daring has caused me decades of psychological damage and deformity. I would be a fool to listen to such offers, again.

    • Out of curiosity; might I ask what you find disturbing about the pieces you deem scary? I am guessing you are referring to the “Ghost” fan-art with the skeletons, demons and ghouls? Is it the subject/theme in general or specific details? Would love to hear it. I won’t be offended, honest, everyone has their own preferences. πŸ™‚

      • I explained that elsewhere. I just don’t like hollow eyes, spooky skulls, zombies, torn flesh, exposed muscle, etc. It makes me think of the horrors of hospitals. I have a slight hospital phobia…and a dread of needles that may go into past lives. Oh yeah, no demons, etc. either.

        It’s not like I need to just look at happy angelic things. I dabble in harpies, gargoyles, succubi…well, generally female monsters. But, I have my limits. I just trust my gut. And, my gut lets me know what’s not to like or to be avoided.

      • Oh, sorry, I must have missed it, thanks for explaining again. πŸ™‚ I’ve always found sculls to be strangely beautiful, but it’s not for everyone. I don’t really like zombies either, but I love the band Ghost and their music, and the particular song I illustrated was “Ghuleh-Zombie Queen” so it would be strange to avoid drawing the main subject of the song, hehe.

      • I find hair and finger/toe nails more intriguing than bones or any other parts under the skin… I obsess about hair. But, I don’t collect clippings or anything like that. There’s just so much a person–especially a woman–can do with her hair that keeps my mind busy.

        I like that song Ghost Town by the Shiny Toy Guns. I like one or two songs by Vampire Weekend if for no other reason than their beats (which usually is not enough to call them good songs).

        I like the gal from the Ghost comic books but don’t care much for her “line of work” or “clientele.”

        Yea, well, even if Evil Dead Girl has a good beat for some grim, survival-type movie (as I can see the scene/trailer in my mind as it plays), I don’t aspire to draw the monsters it may conjure. Or, I might steer my thoughts to more tolerable “enemies.” Just my preference, I guess. It comes from my high school experience, being at a Catholic school surrounded by disrespectful imps and monsters in holy clothing.

      • Right, I guess Catholic school will make you hesitant to a band that openly praises Satan…ehe. I do not worship Satan, just so we’re clear, but I never had a particularly religious upbringing, so I suppose I take all this stuff more lightly than some. For me it is however just art. I draw what inspires me whether it is “good” or “evil”. I do listen to a lot of dark rock music though, but I am Norwegian, and Black Metal is part of Scandinavian culture…also the old heathen beliefs are an inspiration to me as it has some really cool stories.

      • Uh, yea. I don’t even use the names…
        But, you just go ahead and keep saying it…..

        Yea, most people I run into either rejected their religion or never had it. That’s what has gotten under my skin after being raised the way I was. I am not a bible thumper/preacher, but seeing people turn atheist and act like reckless monkeys goes against everything I was raised to obey. I can’t just stop following the rules I swore to follow. I don’t enlist in any army I don’t respect. But, this is an army I already was persuaded to join. So, I respect it. And, I’d respect other religions, too, if they did not cross a line with me. I am not the sort to say one religion is the be-all best way. We all have to get along. But, worshiping (darkness), rubs me the wrong way. As does saying there’s nothing more to this life than making money and “getting laid.”

      • I do say my evening prayers and go to church on Christmas Eve, I strive to live within the light, and I think I do a good job of it, but I do not fear to use the names of the demons in the Bible, nor the Devil’s many names. I must however say that organized religion that is followed blindly without a critical eye is not for me. Religion should, to some degree, adapt to current society. E. g. shaming people for having sex outside of marriage or denying same-sex-marriage is ridiculous, we must be tolerant and try to get along, as you suggest. I am not opposed to Christian values, I just don’t think they should be forced on those who think differently. I think of God as forgiving, more than judging, I believe he loves us equally despite our flaws.

      • Well, I saw a movie once that has really impacted what I say and use regularly. I HATE when people casually use the H word in inane ways. When people say, “I’m hungry as H over here!” What does that even mean? It becomes a trendy thing people do because no one questions what others do. They just accept and adopt it. And, I think the forces of darkness love this about human foolishness. And I think we have to be as aware of the impulses and influences of the dark forces that might cause trouble as we are hopeful and wishful about all that is light. I think light is slighted and taken for granted these days while dark seems to be passing out flyers and turning more to its side. Star Wars makes “joining the Dark Side” sound fun. I like the stormtrooper suits, but I am more inclined to be like that black guy in the new movie and go find some rebels to side with. But, at the same time, I am not comfortable just picking up a light saber or blaster rifle and zapping every guy in an “enemy” suit. There might be good guys with horns and hooves, but how will I know unless I carefully assess everyone? Some say give people the benefit of the doubt. But, it’s that thinking that got me hurt in the past. I must respect the goddess of wisdom and try to think smarter.

        Anyway, getting back to what I was saying before I drifted off here…:P In the movie, the good wizard made the evil he could not otherwise defeat go away by turning his back and never speaking its name. Just as in Harry Potter, the most evil character doesn’t start gaining power until he is discussed by students who then convince teachers to discuss him. Til then, he is “the unmentionable one” or whatever they call him.

        SO, if I do not use the names, I do not give them power or influence them to do more harm. Just as it is not wise or nice to talk about some people when they are not around. I feel the more I complain about even how some people may bully or annoy me, I am only making matters worse instead of dealing with the monsters directly…or avoiding/ignoring them altogether. Discussing my woes with those not affected by the monsters only promotes more division and gossip.

        Well, I was raised to strictly follow those “sex before marriage” laws. And, seeing classmates break this really upset me. It made me both turn away from advancing my “membership” in the faith–which I feel only made the “imps” smile–and decide to defend my faith against those seeking to undermine it or take evil lightly.

        Another thing…I like the idea of Halloween and costume parties, but I will not attend or host a party where people dress as vampires or darker creatures. I prefer more silly or thematic/period costumes. I’d rather have a steam punk party than a “traditional” monster party.

        The same-sex marriage issue IS a matter that needs some updating. But, that’s just part of the age-old thinking like men being better or more rightful to own something than women. It’s outdated and divides us.

        However, sex before marriage is not the same. I like to think withholding sex benefits a person with greater awareness, possibly wisdom. Which might explain why the goddess Athena remains a virgin, to retain her wisdom which advances with age. Yet, others will argue sex opens the mind to new concepts or improvements, as well. Thus, certain oracles used sex to expand their minds and foretell things. Sex was part of ancient celebrations and rituals. But, many myths also dictate that misguided sex led to all sorts of punishments. So, to each their own. But, it was how I was raised…even if it has caused great social discord because so many have been persuaded by temptation. [That’s just part of the religious teaching so many have ignored or slighted in favor of “fun.”]

        Other reasons for apprehension or restriction of sex: 1) It’s family-related. It was/is a means of curbing “contamination” of bloodlines, denying any injection of contagious or inherent illness which may cause descendants to wither away. 2) It was socially taboo. Some have become so casual about discussing it while others are/have been raised to keep such matters private. Who wins?

        Geesh, we have gotten on a real tear here. There’s no end with a Gemini. πŸ˜› [And, there are traces of Gemini in me.]

        Like I said, no one religion should be pushed onto the world like some game of Risk, world-domination. Yet, it’s that very conflict that feeds the dark forces that seek to overthrow all by making everyone either kill each other over their beliefs or make them give up those beliefs with thoughts of futility or disgust with conflict. For some, it’s easier to just go with the flow than stand up for anything. And, in a way, a moral code requires standing up for something. No morals is an open door to general acceptance…which may or may not be a good thing. I am inclined to think it is not good. Because the opposite of order is chaos. And, chaos, or people all doing as they please, seems ripe for disaster just as too much law and order could suffocate life. I think a lot of humanities problems stem from getting too far away from nature. We should be competing with the lions and tigers, not thinking we’re above them or cutting out their domains.

        I am not sure of God’s love in a world where people can worship and drive the forces of darkness…

      • I can go on and on picking your brain about all these subjects, I LOVE discussions. To quickly sum up, Ilike Star Wars’s dark side as much as the light, because they do have some good points. The Sith are ruled by their emotions whereas the Jedi abstain from emotion more or less all together. In my opinion it is just as dangerous too feel nothing as succumbing to ones feelings. We must not grow cold and cynic, passion is important in many aspects of life. You are partly right about what you are saying about “You-Know-Who” from Harry Potter, but what you seem to have missed is the part where the heroes begin using his name to make him less dangerous, more “attackable” in a way. They refer to the fact that the fear of a name only increases fear of the think/creature itself, which again gives it more power. If you refrain from using the name in order to diminish the creature’s power by not acknowledging it, I agree with you that that is the way to go. I prefer using it in order not to fear it. I see we will have to agree on disagreeing when it comes to sex before marriage, hehe, I will let that matter lie(pun intended). I think you make a very good point at the end here, the fight between falling under a belief that is not your own or dying whilst defending your own belief. It is a subject far too vast to cover in blog-comments, but suffice to say that I agree that chaos is not the way to go, but neither is “religious dictatorship”. The most important thing is to get people to accept each other as equal. Men and women regardless of religion, sexual preferences etc. And I could not agree more with you about animals being our equals, not something for us to use and dispose of. I frequently seek nature to clear my mind and cleanse my soul. When I am in nature I feel whole. I also fear that God has forgotten about us, and when one sees all the cruelty in the world it is hard to believe. But I still say my prayers at night, in case someone is listening.

      • Do tell…what are the good points of Star Wars’ Dark Side? As I see it, all they have to offer are cool, leathery costumes (if you’re into that) and wickedly dazzling lightning powers. Other than that, it seems driven by senseless violence and destruction unless you bend to their will. To me, that sounds like a bully. Yet, the Force-side may be seen as the organized religion so many reject, which might explain why so many become more dark-favoring. The Force is too “holy” for them. But, in a way, I can see the “Force” as closer to nature and global acceptance/cooperation.

        Isn’t being ruled by emotions the very thing you said was wrong with that Pisces guy you rejected? Isn’t emotion the suffocating force that upsets Gemini? I have a Scorpio side that strangely thrives on drama and emotion/passion not unlike an Aphrodite or, even, an Ares (with next to 0 interest in war). But, perhaps like the Jedi, I see how emotional obsession can bring about madness and excessive violence/destruction. Giving into one’s anger is what turns Bruce Banner into a violent Hulk instead of a cautionary hero. Only when he controls his anger and can harness it can he make the change useful to the world instead of a purely destructive force.

        So, I guess you and I are both “shades of gray” between emotional warfare and abstinence. πŸ˜›

        You might note the Jedi hold councils to work things out more civilly while the Sith only seek to disrupt those councils and plot war for domination. There are no Sith councils saying, “Maybe a little less throwing of tantrums would improve our PR rating?” πŸ™‚

        It need not be a fear of the name but a conscious decision not to use it. Not every avoidance of something is out of fear. That is often the logic of the bully that persuades a person to think they are afraid or cowardly when they turn their back to violence. When we indulge the bully or make someone smile by using a curse word, we are feeding/pleasing the Dark Side.

        I still say the Harry Potter villain would not have been able to come back into existence and be a threat if people would have kept any mention of him out of existence. Sure, parts of him resided in those trinkets or that scar. But, he was, essentially, dead and buried after his defeat. Only when we bring up people like Hitler as just a war monster or Van Gogh as that freak who cut off his ear…instead of seeing the artist who was snubbed and the other artist who was consumed by perfection and love for a woman he could not keep to himself…do we get to what need not be feared but understood and disarm the monster. If Hitler or Van Gogh were truly evil through-and-through, I’d have to add them to the list of names I do not mention and silence the darkness. It seems that is the way to end the reign of some menaces. You cannot fight them and win. [Just as Obi Wan stood still and allowed himself to be slain for the belief of what his sacrifice would do versus the defeat of Darth Vader through violence. Luke took violent action on Vader and found an alien hand on his arm.]

        Yea, yea, sex, whatever…

        But, in our striving to say everyone is equal, are we not as well ignoring what makes each of us unique and what may make someone better at something than another? I feel this trending obsession with equality is just as likely to be turned on its head when equality becomes boring and/or naive. You are equal in strength until someone bends your arm backwards and assaults you. Still feeling equal?

        Whatever God or gods there may be have not forgotten. But, our understanding of what is to be and what can be may be dwarfed and endlessly confused to separate us from what IS God. If we had full access to the big picture, what would become of us? That is the temptation of the snake in the Adam and Eve story. The snake asks why the two humans placed above other animals would not want to know more about who’s running the show. That infection of desire is what causes so much trouble.

        I like to think whatever scares us about destruction and accidental or even homicidal violence in this world may be part of a bigger picture we just may never understand and likely have little to no control over. Yet, rather than say we can do nothing but indulge ourselves and be swayed by dark forces, even my small effort can turn a tide.

        Okay, seriously, emaaaail!!

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