Digital colouring

I have coloured something digitally…so that’s new πŸ˜€ I figured it was about time I “upped my game” and learned digital art and drawing on tablet. Hope you like it! ❀ black


20 thoughts on “Digital colouring

    • Yeah, I messed up my layers a little at the end, so I couldn’t find which layer to edit…But thank you! And thanks for all the feedback I’ll definitely consider your suggestions. I really appreciate you taking the time to give constructive critique. πŸ˜€

      • If you drew this digitally with layers, how can you not find the right layer unless you deleted the layers to keep the whole.

        No problem, as long as what I say doesn’t trouble you.

      • I don’t know really, I tried going through all the layers, erasing a bit on each to see which would affect the top layer, but I just couldn’t find it. I suppose I must have deleted or merged something wrong… :S What you say does not trouble me. I get far too little critique on my work, most people just praise the pieces they like, which is nice, but does not help me evolve or improve.

      • Yea, I’d say it was a merger/deletion oops, then.

        And, that’s another problem for artistic development. Especially in this online age. More people skirt about silently than interacting with each other. There is rampant fear of starting a conflict and an outbreak if uninhibited negativity. The two tides are depriving this world of communication which is one reason the internet, I think, was made, to improve interaction around the world which was previously limited to paper and whatever vehicle could transport the information a more limited distance.

        You are a Gemini Monkey, it seems. So, you have greater tolerance for criticism. It rolls off your back. Or, you can laugh at what people say. Water-sign artists are far far more sensitive and abundant.

      • It is not a religion for me, but I have delved deep enough into it that I look at people like mascots for football teams. I imagine different signs wearing sweatshirts with their colors, characters, etc. in some big universal school of thought. Kinda like you classify yourself by that Harry Potter business on your About Me page. Astrology is my “sorting hat” which gives me food for thought about those I meet. And, what I learn about who gets along or rubs someone the wrong way helps me figure out who I should approach and who I should avoid…or why things go wrong when they do.

      • I also like the zodiac signs for that purpose of categorizing who to invest my time in. I have found that Pisces are too sensitive and romantic for me, I tried going out with one once, but it felt like he was suffocating me so I ended it before it started, heh… :S I prefer things light and fun, although I am capable of serious conversation and thought. I think a lot. I think the football-team-idea is a really creative way to look at it, maybe you could illustrate the zodiacs that way? πŸ™‚

      • But, see, you gotta be careful, because people aren’t the sum of just one sign. A birth sign is just the surface color, just one garment a person wears. Dig deeper, and you’ll see their underwear. On that note, not all Pisces are the same. Just as I may find Geminis who are more agreeable than others. You may be Gemini on the surface, but you could just as well be as stubborn as a Taurus can get underneath. The sun/birth sign is more light and whimsical to ponder than the depths of one’s astro-DNA.

        [But, I am not so innocent. I have turned some away because I did not get a chance to dig deeper into that astro-DNA. I met a very attractive waitress who turned out to be a Pisces (or Aquarius) Rat and right away thought the worst. I think she had a boyfriend, anyway, and not many take kindly to discussing astrology the way I do. More often, I am viewed as a geek or enemy of religion. Yet, the Magi were astrologers.]

        Yea, well, for you that works. I’m far from light and fun, sadly.

        Some say I think “too much.” I prefer to say I think more than some.

        I have worked on that. I actually spent 2005 working up designs for 144 t-shirts, the combinations of western and Chinese astro signs. But, I stopped at the thought of just another screen-printing, impulse-shopping enterprise. There are too many “silly” t-shirt businesses out there. I can’t possibly wear every t-shirt someone makes to delight me. And, too many options boggles the mind. So, why add to the fire? Just as my art may favor coloring books, I don’t want to be some unknown artist whose work kids scribble over before parents toss the books.

      • I think my ascendant is Virgo, if that means anything to you? I am not sure what my sun-sign is. I do not judge people solely on their zodiacs though! haha, I don’t think I’s have any friends if I did! But I do not think you should throw away your ideas or not go through with them because you don’t want to “add to the fire” maybe some of your art can change a person’s life? Some works of art have changed the way I see the world. But I guess you should have a solid concept so that you don’t waste your time on something that won’t earn you any gratification, financially or emotionally.

      • A Virgo ascendant would give you the appearance of someone more pure and innocent. It makes others take you more seriously or think of you as naive when your nature is to be the opposite. That is similar to how people see me as a joking Gemini when my core is more serious/hot-tempered. The fool is the one who thinks he/she can deceive you, the Gemini monkey, other than playing to your desire for equality/fair play. If they can convince you all is fair in love and war, you might accept their misguided ambition as part of the game.

        Your sun sign is Gemini, isn’t it? You wrote that in your About Me. You list a birthday. Did we not just cover that?

        Maybe so. But, it better improve that life in a way other than “how much can I get for this on eBay when he’s dead?”

      • Right, sorry, I was thinking about something else, Gemini is my sun-sign. I think there is another aspect that I do not remember…

        I tend to not make my mind up at all though because I see good points on both sides of a discussion. I can be persuaded to see the world as you do, because I see reason in it, but I will just as easily switch point of view to the complete opposite of what you think because I see reason in that too. I do not think all is fair in love and war though, rest assured. I just think that if you feel like you have an idea you want to bring to life you should not restrict yourself before you’ve even tried because you don’t want to be “like the rest” in a way…

      • Moon? Venus? Mars?

        So, you side with both sides for the sake of active debate or constant wind current? That could be seen as favor for chaos. Neither Sith nor Jedi but a force bent on stirring the conflict pot. And, that’s not the First Order which is not any different from the Sith.

        Well, then we are alike in swaying in views when we find sides to compare notes with ours. When my parents quarrel, I often take Dad’s side only because he is outmatched in volume and verbiage. But, I could just as well see my mother’s point in how my father did something foolish. It’s a form of diplomacy, I guess. But, I would not encourage a debate to continue for the fun of it. If I see a decisive end or tire of the consumption of resources (time, energy, etc.), I will end it or walk away. That is what separates me from some air signs. Too much talk, not enough action…even if I am not the most active/decisive myself. I don’t have all day to talk. I want to get things done.

        As I think of you and how long-winded we have become, I think of a guy I worked with a few years ago…he could talk every day all day and get such a kick out of making my throat sore…and he’d still impress the bosses with whatever he got done. I was exasperated many days, wondering did he really do that much or did he just charm everybody better than me?

      • I do try to comment on peoples work if my opinion has not already been commented several times by others. I think it is important to help and inspire each other. Communication can be difficult when, as you say, people are afraid of stepping on others’ toes.

      • But, are the comments of others ever exactly as you think? Or, can/do you find you might have some unique input, as well? Sometimes, if I see someone said what I was thinking, I will comment: “I second that.”

      • I will add whatever I feel is missing. And sometimes I will add an “I second that” as you suggest. I usually stop commenting the art of artists that never take the time to respond to my messages though. I don’t want to spend my time talking to a wall.

      • Yea, I hear ya on talking to walls. But, maybe we just need to scale or break down the walls with the right passwords. πŸ˜‰ It’s not about sabotage. It’s negotiation to open communication between like minds. But, if the minds are not alike, then keep walking.

      • I guess… I have made friends on several art-pages though, so I am not only talking to deaf ears, thankfully.

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