Wip-Sebastian Stan

Attempting my first realistic digital portrait. This is a work in progress and still needs loads more work, I haven’t even started on his little crinkles and wrinkles(not that he has many, let’s face it, he’s flawless). I’ll upload the finished version when it’s done (stating the obvious, sorry). Hope you like it so far ^^




Sebastian Stan


More digiart…practice makes perfect

I recently acquired a Wacom tablet, and with it, a version of Corel Painter. These are my first completely digital pictures. They’re too shabby, however, I wish to find a rougher way of colouring as I think this airbrushing technique makes them look too plastic-y, particularily the one of Pimlico. These are two of my OCs. Pimlico and Calvaria, from the same realm, but different stories. Hope you like them ^_^ ❤


etheria ferdig ediy - Copy