In short, this is me C:

I like lists, therefore I shall present my personalia and things I love in a list:

*Age: 24

*Born: 23.05.92

* Zodiac sign: Gemini

*Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

*House: Gryffindor


“He’s an emotionally retarded, artsy boy who is in love with another woman… Of course I like him!”

~the Decoy Bride~

*When I grow up I want to be a: Woodland-elfTimelordWitchUnicornPirate who writes, translates, publishes and illustrates books. Just imagine all those manuscripts and books you get to read that many others never will :woohoo:


Magic, Rain, Fireplaces, Alternate realms/worlds, cozy attics, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Books, Films, Animals, UK, Ireland, Film soundtracks, Tea, Autumn, My family OF COURSE, Spending time with friends, Baking, Castles, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Procrastinating, Teapots, Pocket watches, Wands, The TARDIS, Time turners, Magical Creatures, Scrap-booking, Painting, Pumpkins, Trees, Swings, Hour-glasses, Sam and Dean Winchester, Gothic Architecture, Steampunk. BIG, BRIGHT SMILES +++


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