Cthulhu – H. P. Lovecraft fanart :D

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Fanart of Cthulhu from H. P. Lovecraft. Probably my favourite author. Been meaning to do a full page image for some time now, and experimenting with brown paper and white colour pencils seemed like the perfect time to try a full image; background and all. Pro-markers, pen and pencil on brown paper. 12 hours.



“Sharkodile”-Space-Dragon (because that name it’s not over the top) :P

I made a dragon! Whoop! This is a dragon I design for the art prompt :”Dragon”, yeah, pretty open brief.

I decided that since dragons are traditionally ancient beings, I wanted to design my dragon using ancient creatures. The shark and the crocodile have been more or less unchanged for millions of years, so they were natural choices. I made the torso long because I really like Chinese dragons. This is probably one of my favourite designs I have ever made, and I really hope you’ll like it too! ❤ This is a creature I will endeavour to fit into my story line for the comic I am currently working on.
stars and dragon





(No stealing, borrowing, re-posting, re-producing, tracing or using in any way without my permission and without giving credit, please.)

Art prompt: Sword Swallower

More silliness. I know, I know “Not all men…blah, blah, blah” I am not here to mock anyone. And, be honest, your mind goes there too when you hear “sword swallower”, right? If not, good for you, you are a better person than me. Haha.

I apologise for the horrible colouring and the two completely different styles between the guy and the girl. I am a little style-confused at the moment. Trying to accommodate my course leaders by trying new things, but also wanting to stick to my own style is very confusing. ^^;
Hope you like it a little bit despite all the flaws! ❤ xx

deviant art sword swallower

Fire Eater

Joined in on June’s #artfreakschallenge, drawing one fantasy/circus related piece every day in June. I just digitally coloured a really quick pencil sketch.  This is prompt number two: “Fire Eater” I hope you like it! 😀

watermarked fire

(and again, sorry for watermark, but these days people even steal my average art *eyeroll*)

All of Creation Inside Ones Mind


Digitally edited and coloured a sketch that I originally drew in 2013. I have finally improved enough to re-visit it and make it look the way I wanted to 😀 Really hope you like it! ❤

(Sorry about obnoxious water-mark, but people have been using my art without permission lately 😦 Not even corporations, just random artists using my works as templates without giving credit. Why do artists do that to other artists? I do not understand).

Just trying something out…


Sorry! Just need to put this here so I can use it for something. I am just trying to figure out how to animate stuff in Photoshop (yes I know there are better animation programs, but I try to learn them all to some degree) Nothing to see here, move along XD Sorry for the background as well hahaha, it took me, literally, one minute to draw…so yeah, not my greatest work, but it was fun. Working on some pieces of short fiction and just thought I’d make something related to that for this animation-practice. (y)

see ya later



Sorry, long time no see. Uni’s got me busyyyy.

Here are two of my final pieces for end of first term hand-in and evaluation. The brief was “A Metamorphosis” so, there you are.a-metamorphosis-evolution-at-workperchedThese Rooftop-perchers are characters for a story I have convinced myself I am working on, but as of now I am getting nowhere with personal projects, I am swamped with animation and stamp projects, but, hey, it’s fun.

Keep drawing people we’re getting better all the time (y) 😀