“Sharkodile”-Space-Dragon (because that name it’s not over the top) :P

I made a dragon! Whoop! This is a dragon I design for the art prompt :”Dragon”, yeah, pretty open brief.

I decided that since dragons are traditionally ancient beings, I wanted to design my dragon using ancient creatures. The shark and the crocodile have been more or less unchanged for millions of years, so they were natural choices. I made the torso long because I really like Chinese dragons. This is probably one of my favourite designs I have ever made, and I really hope you’ll like it too! ❤ This is a creature I will endeavour to fit into my story line for the comic I am currently working on.
stars and dragon





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Stepping up my art-game.

I finally have a LITTLE time to make art, and it has resulted in some new pieces I am quite happy with, so I hope you’ll like them too ^-^ ❤

(These pieces are fan-art, and the characters do not belong to me. This is simply my interpretation of them :))

Mrs. Lovett

Holyhead Harpies's Chaser - Ginny Potter

                                    Holyhead Harpies’s Chaser – Ginny Potter

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