Cthulhu – H. P. Lovecraft fanart :D

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Fanart of Cthulhu from H. P. Lovecraft. Probably my favourite author. Been meaning to do a full page image for some time now, and experimenting with brown paper and white colour pencils seemed like the perfect time to try a full image; background and all. Pro-markers, pen and pencil on brown paper. 12 hours.



Digital colouring

I have coloured something digitally…so that’s new 😀 I figured it was about time I “upped my game” and learned digital art and drawing on tablet. Hope you like it! ❤ black

More ghosty, ghoulish fan-art

Stepping up my art-game.

I finally have a LITTLE time to make art, and it has resulted in some new pieces I am quite happy with, so I hope you’ll like them too ^-^ ❤

(These pieces are fan-art, and the characters do not belong to me. This is simply my interpretation of them :))

Mrs. Lovett

Holyhead Harpies's Chaser - Ginny Potter

                                    Holyhead Harpies’s Chaser – Ginny Potter

(No using w/o my permission please and thank you)

*Part of the Universe*

almost new age

photo’s used:





-and a selfie :B