Cthulhu – H. P. Lovecraft fanart :D

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Fanart of Cthulhu from H. P. Lovecraft. Probably my favourite author. Been meaning to do a full page image for some time now, and experimenting with brown paper and white colour pencils seemed like the perfect time to try a full image; background and all. Pro-markers, pen and pencil on brown paper. 12 hours.



Halloween is coming, channeling the macabre and sinister: Wednesday Addams


wednesday addams6

Wednesday Addams 

Fairly Quick digital edit of a pencil/pen/pro-marker-sketch I did yesterday. Did I have time for it?, no. Did I draw it anyway? , yes. Hope you like it! 😀 ❤

Wip-Sebastian Stan

Attempting my first realistic digital portrait. This is a work in progress and still needs loads more work, I haven’t even started on his little crinkles and wrinkles(not that he has many, let’s face it, he’s flawless). I’ll upload the finished version when it’s done (stating the obvious, sorry). Hope you like it so far ^^




Sebastian Stan

More ghosty, ghoulish fan-art

Papa Emeritus ii

I quite recently fell in love with Ghost, the Swedish metal band, their imagery is spectacular! Mind you, I don’t worship the devil, but I really love their melodious songs and the musical skills of the ghouls ❤ They’re not for everyone, but sure worth a listen 😀

So here’s a drawing I made of Papa Emeritus ii, the last front man, I’ll probably draw the third Papa E one of these days too, I hope, if I find the time (y)

I confess I prefer the Nameless Ghouls (especially the Fire Ghoul <3) but Papa E does look fabulous.

I confess I prefer the Nameless Ghouls (especially the Fire Ghoul <3) but Papa E does look fabulous.

Stepping up my art-game.

I finally have a LITTLE time to make art, and it has resulted in some new pieces I am quite happy with, so I hope you’ll like them too ^-^ ❤

(These pieces are fan-art, and the characters do not belong to me. This is simply my interpretation of them :))

Mrs. Lovett

Holyhead Harpies's Chaser - Ginny Potter

                                    Holyhead Harpies’s Chaser – Ginny Potter

(No using w/o my permission please and thank you)