Halloween is coming, channeling the macabre and sinister: Wednesday Addams


wednesday addams6

Wednesday Addams 

Fairly Quick digital edit of a pencil/pen/pro-marker-sketch I did yesterday. Did I have time for it?, no. Did I draw it anyway? , yes. Hope you like it! 😀 ❤


More digiart…practice makes perfect

I recently acquired a Wacom tablet, and with it, a version of Corel Painter. These are my first completely digital pictures. They’re too shabby, however, I wish to find a rougher way of colouring as I think this airbrushing technique makes them look too plastic-y, particularily the one of Pimlico. These are two of my OCs. Pimlico and Calvaria, from the same realm, but different stories. Hope you like them ^_^ ❤


etheria ferdig ediy - Copy






Odessa is a new character that I created for a short-story I am currently working on.  At the moment I am down with a bad case of writer’s block, and to be fair I am a far better drawer than writer, so chances are the story will never be completed. However I am sort of set on it and I really, really WANT to finish it, so I will do my best to write it!

Hope you like her!


-M :B

~Dan is not on fire~

~Dan is not on fire~

Day 24: Draw a couple
I have already drawn a couple so today I decided to draw “A COUPLE OF cool people” rather than an actual couple 😀 So I drew one of my absolute favourite YouTubers and myself of course :B Hope you like it 😀 If you have not watched “danisnotonfire” on Youtube, go check it out!