“Sharkodile”-Space-Dragon (because that name it’s not over the top) :P

I made a dragon! Whoop! This is a dragon I design for the art prompt :”Dragon”, yeah, pretty open brief.

I decided that since dragons are traditionally ancient beings, I wanted to design my dragon using ancient creatures. The shark and the crocodile have been more or less unchanged for millions of years, so they were natural choices. I made the torso long because I really like Chinese dragons. This is probably one of my favourite designs I have ever made, and I really hope you’ll like it too! ❤ This is a creature I will endeavour to fit into my story line for the comic I am currently working on.
stars and dragon





(No stealing, borrowing, re-posting, re-producing, tracing or using in any way without my permission and without giving credit, please.)


All of Creation Inside Ones Mind


Digitally edited and coloured a sketch that I originally drew in 2013. I have finally improved enough to re-visit it and make it look the way I wanted to 😀 Really hope you like it! ❤

(Sorry about obnoxious water-mark, but people have been using my art without permission lately 😦 Not even corporations, just random artists using my works as templates without giving credit. Why do artists do that to other artists? I do not understand).

30 day drawing challenge, part 2! A small selection

All space images are property of NASA, all drawings by me. Harry Potter characters belong to J. K. Rowling, Witch and Ariel and Peter Pan belong to Disney and the steampunk design is my own 🙂 Hope you like them :B

*Part of the Universe*

almost new age

photo’s used:





-and a selfie :B

A Boy Named Adventure

~*A Boy Named Adventure*~


This is a compilation of ideas and images that have been swimming around in my head for a couple of years now, some longer than others.
These are all characters from my story “A boy named Adventure” that I first started as an entrance exam to a university for visual arts, but that I never submitted. It still needs a ton of work, the plot is not complete and the characters still need to be developed properly. But the base is (possibly) ready. A girl, Evanielle, with a vivid imagination leaves her boring A4 life, and sets out into the world with the company of her cat Widdershins who suddenly transformed from a normal tabby-cat, into a brightly coloured weaselcat that can change size at will. While exploring the Tarantula Nebula, Evanielle spots something peculiar floating through the passing space debris, towards her. It is a tiny island suspended form a hot air balloon which seems to be made of clouds, cobwebs and morning dew. (It’s actually made of dreams, stardust and finely spun cobwebs from a distant planet, so she got 1 out of three). On the island, Evanielle and Widdershins discover a single door, which looks almost liquid, and next to it, a sign that reads “Please step lightly, the Wishes are sleeping”. Through the door, in a mansion in another dimension, lives Adventure. (He’s the guy in the tophat).

If you bothered to read the very rough and brief synopsis of my story, thank you and I hope you liked it.
I might post some chapters with illustrations in the future, as things become more refined and set, but there’s always the trouble of finding time…

The space picture I used as background is the Eagle Nebula. (found it here: apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap140216.ht… belongs to NASA, (Credit & Copyright: T. A. Rector & B. A. Wolpa, NOAO, AURA,) respectfully, who’s amazing pictures have made me love space.
The story as well as all characters and monsters belong to me (c) http://autumnprincess.deviantart.com/, no using without permission, Thank you