A Boy Named Adventure

~*A Boy Named Adventure*~


This is a compilation of ideas and images that have been swimming around in my head for a couple of years now, some longer than others.
These are all characters from my story “A boy named Adventure” that I first started as an entrance exam to a university for visual arts, but that I never submitted. It still needs a ton of work, the plot is not complete and the characters still need to be developed properly. But the base is (possibly) ready. A girl, Evanielle, with a vivid imagination leaves her boring A4 life, and sets out into the world with the company of her cat Widdershins who suddenly transformed from a normal tabby-cat, into a brightly coloured weaselcat that can change size at will. While exploring the Tarantula Nebula, Evanielle spots something peculiar floating through the passing space debris, towards her. It is a tiny island suspended form a hot air balloon which seems to be made of clouds, cobwebs and morning dew. (It’s actually made of dreams, stardust and finely spun cobwebs from a distant planet, so she got 1 out of three). On the island, Evanielle and Widdershins discover a single door, which looks almost liquid, and next to it, a sign that reads “Please step lightly, the Wishes are sleeping”. Through the door, in a mansion in another dimension, lives Adventure. (He’s the guy in the tophat).

If you bothered to read the very rough and brief synopsis of my story, thank you and I hope you liked it.
I might post some chapters with illustrations in the future, as things become more refined and set, but there’s always the trouble of finding time…

The space picture I used as background is the Eagle Nebula. (found it here: apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap140216.ht… belongs to NASA, (Credit & Copyright: T. A. Rector & B. A. Wolpa, NOAO, AURA,) respectfully, who’s amazing pictures have made me love space.
The story as well as all characters and monsters belong to me (c) http://autumnprincess.deviantart.com/, no using without permission, Thank you